General Care

Tires are an integral part of your drive and more importantly, they are key to driver/passenger comfort and safety.

Vizzoni is low maintenance, however, you need to be armed with this checklist so they last you long and ensure a smooth driving experience!

Handy check points

– Check tire air pressure regularly, at least once a month. Proper air pressure reduces uneven wear and tear and enhances traction and braking.

– Inspect tires regularly for uneven tread wear, cracks, bulges or foreign material like nails or sharp objects.

– Tires need professional balancing when you feel your vehicle has any kind of vibration while driving.

– Vehicles need professional wheel alignment which makes sure tires do not have uneven wear. Check for wheel alignment when your vehicle is steering sideways.

– Remember to check your tire load carrying capacity and speed ratings. Info is available in the vehicle’s manual. Avoid overloading your vehicle.

– Tire life depends on remaining Tread Depth. Tires must be replaced when tread depth is 1.6 to 2.0 mm for PCR Tires, 3.0 mm for TBR tires or as recommended by the tire fitment specialists and manufacturers.

– Punctures on the Tread Side can be repaired depending on the damage, but punctures to the sidewall should not be repaired.

– Tire rotation is critical for maximum steady tire life. It should be done approximately every 10,000 kms or as recommended tire fitment specialists.